Fifty Eight Hundred is a Miami-based rock band and follow-up project to the band WYK. The project began in January 2015 when bassist, Yannick Waingarten, and drummer Nic Collins, formed the band after playing on stage together for the first time in December 2014.

After a few lineup changes, Lead Guitarist, Joey Rodriguez, joined the band in November 2015, and Lead Vocalist, Jacob Maicol, followed in April of 2017. This lineup immediately clicked and began to develop their own unique sound. This change in direction prompted the name change to Fifty Eight Hundred. Fifty Eight Hundred has truly developed their own sound due to the wide range of inspirations coming from all members of the band. They draw their inspirations from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood, Pearl Jam, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, John Mayer, and many more. It is clear that the band has combined the genres of Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, and Blues into their music and live shows.

In the short time that the band has been together, they have taken their high energy shows to the stages of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Sion Music Festival, Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, The Fillmore, Sloppy Joe’s, the Green Parrot, Indiana University, and Florida State University to name a few… The band’s debut album is set to be released in late-Spring 2018 after several months in the making. The band has aspirations of touring the world, playing music and hopefully making a name for themselves in the music industry to show everybody that Rock ’N’ Roll isn’t dead after all.


As a young man, Jacob Maicol is already a very experienced musician. He began his journey into music with guitar lessons at the age of six. By the age of 11, Jacob had formed a band with three other musicians and performed throughout central Indiana. The proverbial music bug bit him hard and his appetite for lyrics, rhythm and beats became insatiable. After his initial year of touring with a band, he became part of an acoustic duo. That pairing led Jacob on the road again covering songs all the way from Journey to Ed Sheeran, and others, for performances at college-based dance marathons benefitting the Children’s Miracle Network, and as part of the Teen Nation Tour – striking out against bullying. One could say Jacob Maicol is living and singing out the story of his life. That story has afforded this rock vocalist the opportunity to perform during weeklong festivals leading up to the Country Music Awards in Nashville, TN and audition for America’s Got Talent.

Jacob became interested in music as an outlet for creativity and energy as a kid. Because of a rare bone disease, playing sports was not an option for Jacob. Due to multiple bone fractures and extended periods of therapy, he spent a lot of time at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Singing and playing the guitar proved to be the perfect accompaniment for him. Jacob counts artists ranging from John Mayer, Zac Brown, Lenny Kravitz, and Eric Clapton as musical influences.

In 2014, Jacob relocated to South Florida to work with a local studio for advance training in voice, guitar, songwriting, and choreography. Until recently, Jacob was focused only on a solo career. His covers and originals highlight his powerful, versatile chops. Now, Jacob Maicol is bringing his talent as lead singer to the Miami-based rock band Fifty Eight Hundred, which quickly became his main focus. In this short time, Jacob has already grown extremely close with Nic, Joey and Yannick, and would confidently call them his best friends.


Nic Collins was born on April 21st, 2001. Nic’s passion for the drums began at a very early age and has only intensified as time has gone on. Although Nic owes his passion for music and drumming to his father, Phil Collins, the real awakening occurred after Nic founded the project now known as “Fifty Eight Hundred” with bandmate, Yannick Waingarten.

As a touring member for the Phil Collins, “Not Dead Yet”, tour which began in the summer of 2017, Nic has had the honor of sharing the stage with world renown musicians Leland Sklar, Daryl Stuermer, Brad Cole, and Luis Conte. Even with the exposure to these great musicians, Fifty Eight Hundred has allowed Nic to experiment and create his own identity as a musician. He credits this development to his Fifty Eight Hundred bandmates who have all had an impact on his playing. Despite the busy touring schedule, Nic has been able to prioritize Fifty Eight Hundred and the recording of their debut album releasing in Spring of 2018.

Nic’s drumming inspirations come from John Bonham, Chad Smith, Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl, Stewart Copeland, Phil Collins, Todd Sucherman, and Ben Thatcher. Other than drums, Collins also plays the piano and the guitar which allows him to contribute with other band members in song-writing.


Joey Rodriguez was born on May 16, 2002, in Miami Florida. His interest in music began when his dad showed him all of his favorite music, which ranged all the way from classic rock bands like The Police and Led Zeppelin, to grunge music, like Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins. In fourth grade, Joey began playing the guitar and started his first band shortly afterwards. As he began to play with more people, more bands, and in some after school programs, he learned a lot from other musicians and teachers, and discovered his biggest inspirations as a guitar player. The guitarist that has left the largest impression on Joey’s playing is Jimi Hendrix. Other main influences include John Frusciante, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Billy Corgan, and many more. Although music became the main focus in his life once he picked up a guitar, it was when he joined Fifty Eight Hundred in November of 2015 that Joey realized what it meant to be in a band with true musical chemistry. It was also then that he realized his bandmates would be his brothers for life.


Born on October 7, 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Yannick Waingarten cannot remember a time when he was not listening to music, which has always been a very important part of his life. Yannick, also known as Yang, bought his first bass in 7th grade and continued to play recreationally. It was not until he met Nic Collins at school that music would begin to play a much bigger role in his life. Nic and Yang quickly became close friends and formed their first band. It was during his freshman year of high school that Yang started to take music more seriously.

His passion for music had been awakened after a benefit concert that he played alongside Nic. After numerous different projects, Yang and Nic finally formed what is now known as “Fifty Eight Hundred”. He began listening to more music, and began to do some research on the different musicians and bands he was listening to. Greats such as Flea, John Paul Jones,

John Entwistle, and Geddy Lee are just some of Yang’s inspirations and greatly influence his bass playing. He began digging into other genres and started to take in inspiration from jazz fusion and solo bassists such as Leland Sklar, Victor Wooten, and Jaco Pastorius. After several years of playing with Nic, Joey, and Jacob, his passion for music has grown exponentially, and he wishes to keep on playing music for the rest of his life.